Kindergarten Math
Big Ideas: Repeating elements in patterns can be identified.
Curricular Competencies: Visualize to explore mathematical concepts
Content: repeating patterns with two or three elements



Looking at patterns- AB Pattern
a. Need popsicle sticks or use Lego, Ab pattern cards,
b. Resource- video or pattern story







Patterns Outside- going around the school and discussing the patterns the students recognize. Activity- teacher will grab sticks from outside and students will make pattern sticks. Resource-have students draw patterns on whiteboard of outside patters around the school before they go outside. 







Food Patterns
a. Activity- fruit loops pattern necklace
b. Need-fruit loops and string
c. Resource- teacher/student discussion on food patterns to write on whiteboard





Patterns are everywhere- Christmas Patterns
a. Christmas Images- find the pattern
b. Christmas handout