Educators implement effective practices in areas of planning, instruction, assessment, evaluation and reporting.

These exemplers below are evidence of standard 5 for various reasons. Each subject for Kindergarten has been efficiently planned through complete lesson plans for my second practicum. I have sent all lesson plans to my Coaching Teacher for feedback and have adjusted the lessons accordingly. I think these lessons display the effort that has gone into planning and the willingness to reflect from feedback. 

Written Lesson Plans: 

cross -socials and careers education linked lesson

Fine Arts- Christmas Theme

science and applied skills



• I provided an assessment towards the end of my practicum to my practicum teacher on marks based on specific criteria for each of the assignments. Lesson plans were made ahead of time to practice before I taught the lesson.
• I assessed students on a single-point rubric and students were aware as they made their own single-point rubric with me as a class, so they knew how they would be marked. I provided inclusive lesson plans as one lesson had students in groups using 1 object and one of the sense-feel, touch, taste, smell and hear and writing it down on chart paper. Students were engaged, respectful to each other, and the environment was very enjoyable.
• I planned ahead of time with my professor for other alternatives so that I was not watching the moose scrapping and being respectful by contributing my time to another activity.
• I forward all my lessons online before I taught to my kindergarten practicum teachers for feedback to make changes.