For Educational Technology class, we had Janet Chow present via skype. She asked us what our story was? build your hopes, wishes, dreams, as an educator. I enjoyed this soooo much! We had to build it visually with the supplies given in a paper bag. I built a mountain with all the supplies. The beads represented my accomplishments-my Bachelors of Arts Degree, and my future degrees to come -my Bachelors of Education Degree and Masters Degree. The paperclips represented future challenges that will be in my learning journey. The top was three happy faces representing my end goal- to have a family of my own one day. 









During my 491 practicum, my Kindergarten students and I visited the nature center in Williams Lake, BC. Our class was accompanied by grade 7 students who guided us through the nature house. We went tree climbing, animal snow tracking, and played multiple interactive games. This field trip was special to me because it really helped us as a community to learn from each other and learn about nature. It was an outdoor adventure! 








Each and every one of us originate from diverse backgrounds that make us unique from each other. I had the honour to perform and teach a Punjabi Bollywood dance called “Bhangra” to my fellow UNBC peers. The lesson started off with a video to introduce “Bhangra”, then I showed each dance move step while others watched. In the end, we all were dancing together to the beat of a Bollywood song.






In Bonnie’s math class, I learned how to teach math games to intermediate grades. I came up with a game called can you suspend math? The student’s task for the game was to see if they could balance the metal sticks onto the wooden beam. They had to roll a dice and pick up a card to determine how many sticks they could place on the beam. It was harder then it looked for sure!