EDUC 390 – During this time, I taught grade 3 students’ social studies at Harwin Elementary. I was highly nervous and I remember thinking to myself… will they learn from me? will it be meaningful to them? will they have fun? My lessons were highly successful in my groups of 5 only because I really connect their culture with First Nations culture. I remember I had students go outside and draw a place outside that they felt most comfortable/safe at. They all drew a place and I assessed them through observation and them discussing to me why they chose that place and why “place” is important. – I enjoyed my time at Harwin. that was when my teaching journey first began 🙂


EDUC 391 – During this practicum, I taught grade 5/6 students at Cataline Elementary in Williams Lake, BC. I decided to do intermediate grades first because I had the least experience in those grades and I wanted to challenge myself. I had an amazing time- I built relationships, got to really know my students, and teach probability and a poetry unit for the three weeks of practicum. Some examples include designing probability pizza fractions through play-based learning and 5 senses poem through selected objects. I actually decided to go in earlier before my practicum to observe so that really helped me know my students. I can now see myself teaching intermediate grades.


EDUC 490- During this practicum, I was placed at Marie Sharpe in Williams Lake, BC.  Currently in progress teaching kindergarten students.  


EDUC 491