Educators value the involvement and support of parents, guardians, families and communities in schools.

I would like to take a moment and reflect on my examples below for standard 4. I would say I have had a bit of interaction with parents. The first time I had an interaction was when a parent walked in looking for their child. I introduced myself as a practicing teacher and helped the parent. I would say standard 4 is important and I have completed it through being respectful to parents and teachers in the building. I have introduced myself, had conversations, and taken part in professional development days with teachers from different schools.



  • I worked with the music teacher at Harwin Elementary and we came up with ideas on how to place First Nations culture into music and tie it into social studies. I also, developed a professional relationship with my practicum teacher through planning and coming up with ideas together towards my lesson plans.
  • As I supervised during recess, before school, and after school I took the initiative to talk to the teachers in the school. I engaged in conversation during lunch breaks and recess breaks.
  •  I created a welcome letter and parent package in my UNBC counseling class which provided information on assignments, beliefs, and expectations 
  • As teachers dropped off their children to the Kindergarten door, oftentimes I would greet them and even introduce myself. 
  • I guided students in Valentine’s art for students to take home to their parents as a gift from their child.
  • I had parents help their child during skating on Fridays and I also took the opportunity to have positive conversations with them during this time.
  • I took part in a parent/teacher meeting with my Coaching Teacher. It was good to observe and interact with parents regarding their child.