I worked with the music teacher at Harwin Elementary and we came up with ideas on how to place First Nations culture into music and tie it into social studies. I also, developed a professional relationship with my practicum teacher through planning and coming up with ideas together towards my lesson plans.
• As I supervised during recess, before school, and after school I took the initiative to talk to the teachers in the school. I engaged in conversation during lunch breaks and recess breaks.
• Instead of watching the scrapping of the moose, I instead respectfully set up the blanket exercise with my group of peers.
• A parent walked in one day during lunch, asking about a student, I took the time to introduce myself as a practicing teacher and helped her by directing her to where her child was during lunchtime hours.
• I created a welcome letter and parent package in my UNBC counseling class which provided information on assignments, beliefs, and expectations

Welcome Letter (part of) 

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Kindergarten! Hello! My name is Miss Gagan Vaid and I am excited to announce that I will be teaching your child this year. I am a University of Northern British Columbia Alumni with a major in First Nation Studies. I have a passion for the outdoors and am a movie fanatic by heart. I am lucky to start my first year of teaching in a kindergarten class. This is a year where your child will grow as a learner and develop multiple skills that will help them grow to be the individual they want to be.

I am looking forward to teaching your child and working with you, as we encourage them to reach for their dreams. There are a few expectations for the students in my classroom. I would like students to respectfully follow classroom rules as they are taught throughout the months. As well, students must be on time and prepared for class. Last but not least, students will show respect to school property and others. Students can be successful in using their manners, following daily chores/rules on the weekly classroom/job list and arriving at school with a pencil and lined paper.

Kindergarten is the first stepping stone to each student’s life-long learning journey. Students will practice their alphabetic skills by learning the ABCs and their sounds each week. Likewise, they will learn writing skills where they learn the letters of their first and last names. As they learn these skills, they will learn the importance of learning and the adventure that comes with it! 

I strongly believe that communication is an essential tool for students’ success and the start of a great relationship between teachers and parents. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s learning, I encourage you to reach me via email at vaid_7@hotmail.com. I will also do my part by providing regular reminders during pick-up at the Kindergarten door and sending home monthly newsletters of events happening in the classroom. As well, I will be placing a red communication folder by the door which will have weekly reminders and event happenings, for any parents who would like a physical copy to take home. Feel free to include any comments, suggestions, and notes for me into the folder with your first and last name attached to it. I will respond within two days from the posted note.

I am looking forward to our kindergarten adventure with your child and family.
To many wonderful moments to come,

Gagan Vaid 


Gagan Vaid                                   Parent/Teacher Interview 

There are three goals I as a teacher, have put into place for the parent/teacher interview. The three goals are:
1. To outline a student’s academic performance in the classroom, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses in the academic field.
2. To discuss diverse learning strategies to help support the student’s learning and growth in the classroom.
3. To take the opportunity to learn from parents or guardians of the student through students’ needs, learning styles, behaviors, and successes so I can, as a teacher reflects on how to further support the students’ learning.