Educators have a broad knowledge base and understand the subject areas they teach.

Throughout my education journey, I have completed a Dogwood Certificate and Bachelors of Arts Degree with a major in First Nations Studies. I would also like to say I can speak various languages which include Punjabi, French, and English. I am knowledgeable about the different cultures that exist within my surroundings in Prince George. BC. Through my degree in First Nations Studies, I have really gotten to know the culture, history, and First Nations Peoples perspective in Canada. I  have also connected with my language Punjabi and have begun taking part in my cultural practices more often. Standard 6 highlights the various lessons that I have planned and taught ranging from different subject areas and prior knowledge from self. 


I taught students the meaning of friendship and the importance of it throughout life. It was a complete unit in Social Studies Kindergarten that I designed. I had students team up in groups to create the tallest tower. The learning intention for this lesson was to work and communicate with each other. Well done students!


I taught students the value of diversity around the world. I had my mom come in a sign a traditional song. It was such a special lesson for me! 

In math, I taught students the different 2D shapes. In one lesson, I had students create shapes physically with marshmallows and toothpicks. I further created hands-on activities for my students to learn how important shapes can be. Here are some examples of activities I created. 


In science, I taught students different animals that live in the Arctic. I had students ask questions they had about polar bears. Together as a class, we searched the questions up and looked at images of polar bears. The end task was to make a home for a polar bear with cotton balls. 


I taught my students how to make chocolate chip cookies. I taught them how to mix, work together, and cook. It was a great cooking lesson!

During my Kindergarten practicum, I conducted science experiments with my students. I had them draw pictures of their prediction, observation, and what they learned. They loved it!