Educators have a broad knowledge base and understand the subject areas they teach.

Throughout my education journey, I have completed a Dogwood Certificate and Bachelors of Arts Degree with a major in First Nations Studies. I would also like to say I can speak various languages which include Punjabi, French, and English. I am knowledgeable about the different cultures that exist within my surroundings in Prince George. BC. Through my degree in First Nations Studies, I have really gotten to know the culture, history, and First Nations Peoples perspective in Canada. I  have also connected with my language Punjabi and began taking part in my cultural practices more often.


I taught my students how to make chocolate chip cookies. I taught them how to mix, work together, and cook. It was a great cooking lesson!


I taught a lesson on what volcanos are to my Kindergarten students. I created my own volcano for the class and it erupted when I added Mentos to the coke volcano. It was a fun science experiment. 


When I taught yoga, I showed students a pose that fit their level and then I showed the same pose but with an added challenge to the yoga pose to challenge my students. Students did poses accordingly to their ability.



I taught math to my UNBC peers with a marshmallow math lesson where students created shapes using marshmallow and toothpicks.


I taught a science lesson to my UNBC peers where I had students do a coke and mento experiment.


 I taught sign language to my Kindergarten class at Marie Sharpe in a small group. I taught A, B, C, D mainly in sign language. I explain to my students that sign language is everywhere and great way to communicate.



 I guided Kindergarten students in musical chair alphabet and alphabet rocks through a lesson developed for understanding upper- and lower-case letters.


When my CT was teaching, I had students practice counting from the sensory Christmas bin and I assessed them accordingly.


I taught math and language arts in my first practicum. I began teaching probability in guided math groups for grade 5/6 students. Some things included: pizza fractions where students made fractions from designing their own pizza with foam. It was one of my favorite lessons!


As well, I taught a poetry unit that included 5 senses poem, magazine poem, and haikus with the same grade 5/6 students. I had students use their senses to describe each chosen object around the classroom and create a poem of their own using their 5 senses.