• SOGI by Susan Trabant (2018)
  • Mood, Thought and Anxiety by Kim Dixon (2018)
  • POPFASD by Stacey Wakabayashi (2018)
  • Student Assessment for Inclusive Education by Katie Marren (2018)
  • Trauma Informed Practice by Dr. Linda O’Neill (2019)
  • Core Competencies by Deneen Sawchuk (2019)
  • Child Protection Workshop by John Sherry (2019)

These workshops highly enhanced my learning throughout my Bachelors of Education degree completion. Some things that resonated with me were the child protection workshop by John Sherry which allowed me to learn what to do as an educator in different situations that maybe I would have never thought occurred in the classroom. Likewise, I enjoyed the assessment workshop with Katie because she thoroughly explained how assessments can be done. She also got the class to do a reading assessment booklet where we listened to a student’s reading level through an audio and assessed the student based on their reading level. Altogether, these workshops all have been helpful in enhancing my learning and preparing me for the educator role in the classroom.