Educators understand and apply knowledge of student growth and development

Some of my students had a difficult time writing complete sentences, so I really worked with students in creating options like drawing and verbally telling me what they understood. Their knowledge continued to grow for First Nations culture through me providing options for them to express in diverse ways their learning in First Nations culture.
• I started off teaching my students on a poetry unit, as they got comfortable with poetry, I had students make their own poem without guidance and many students did that.
• As an educator, I learned the benefits of hunting myself and First Nations culture and therefore, will implement this knowledge into my future classroom.
• After my “how to be a good friend” lesson, I encouraged my students to reflect on the lesson by reminding them if they were being a good friend to their peer when students were dealing with difficult behavioral situations with one another.
• I provided the first sign language sheet but then had another sheet that challenged students which they enjoyed doing and being challenged.
• When I taught yoga, I showed students a pose that fit their level and then I showed the same pose but with an added challenge to the yoga pose to challenge my students. Students did poses accordingly to their ability.I built my lessons on my student’s needs. I further expanded my friendship lessons to solidify my student’s learning and understanding of the value of friendship.