Growth and Development:  


  • Some of my students had a difficult time writing complete sentences, so I really worked with students in creating options like drawing and verbally telling me what they understood. Their knowledge continued to grow for First Nations culture through me providing options for them to express in diverse ways their learning in First Nations culture.
    • I started off teaching my students on a poetry unit, as they got comfortable with poetry, I had students make their own poem without guidance and many students did that.
    • As an educator, I learned the benefits of hunting myself and First Nations culture and therefore, will implement this knowledge into my future classroom.



In high school, I volunteered my time at Student Council at City Hall – enjoyed collaborating in a team, and planning community events with my fellow members for example, we handed out “free coupons” on a pay it forward day we planned out.

• Started mentoring in high school (2 years) and mentored in university (1 year) with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I mentored elementary children in-school. I really wanted to make sure I was able to connect with students and I wanted to know students on a personal level (outside of teaching them). I baked cookies, played games, and did art activities with them to give them that feeling that someone is there for them and cares for them. It was an amazing few years mentoring!

• I took part in UNBC Lead in my first year at UNBC in 2014. It was a voluntary group that met up each week to plan events at UNBC. I was always into leadership and collaboration and developed those skills within the year of being in LEAD UNBC

• Became a programmer for YMCA during summer daycare months at Lac De Bois in 2017. I planned activities, set them up, and facilitated the activities to children ages 8-12. This helped me prepare lesson plans and teach them before I started my B.E.D program. For example, planning a field trip to Forest for the World and learning about the different trees in the area.

• Worked at multiple daycares including Porcupine Pals, YMCA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters Daycare. I really enjoyed getting to know children of all ages, it prepared me for teaching, and most importantly, I made life-long connections with children.

• Some creative projects I did were (university): rap style presentation, incorporated art into journal entries, taught “Bhangra Dance” for my Punjabi language presentation, did a First Nations video to demonstrate the difficulties students face in school-settings, and role-playing scenarios to demonstrate student issues at schools. As I went onto do these projects, I became this creative thinker who really started thinking outside of the box and it became my comfort before I even knew it.