This video demonstrates the challenges First Nations students face when transitioning from elementary years to secondary years. This presentation video was made for UNBC Indigenous class with Tina Fraser. – By Gagan Vaid and Aleshia Mund





Students painted an image of a place that they felt most comfortable and safe at. Student’s task was to create an image on the rock and to explain why they chose the image as their comfortable/safe place to be at. The lesson was to gain an understanding of the importance of place to them. 







First Nations principals are embedded in everyday life. I find that you should not only be teaching the principals but also embedding it into your own life. The above picture is taken by myself on my birthday. I went for a walk on that day to reflect on my past year -the good and the bad. As I took a walk around Prince George, I thought about what were my big mistakes, what did I learn, what changed, and how do I better myself going forward. One of the First Nations principals’ states, “Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors”. Likewise, I was reflecting on myself not realizing that I was acknowledging the First Nations principals of learning. First Nations principals should not only be taught but also experienced by the educator.