Goals and Values: My goals have changed throughout my life as I progressed in my educational journey. I grew up in a small town having only one dream: to become a leader in the education system. From having pretty awful teachers to having pretty, awesome teachers that gave donuts when the class won 21 questions was how my story began. My long-term goal was always to become an Elementary Teacher until I realized through this program, that maybe I want to advance onto a bigger role, ultimately a Vice Principal/Principal in British Columbia. I plan to teach in an Elementary school for about 5 years or so, while I attend a Masters program online. After 5 years, I want to complete my next goal as a Principal/Vice-Principal.

Core Values: I really believe in promoting diversity in my future classroom because celebrating each one of us is very important to me. I have always believed in play-based learning as I have embedded it towards most of my lessons. I think play-based learning fosters creativity, helps develop language and literacy skills, and students learn best when “they are doing, rather than watching”. I believe in a student-centered classroom.

Through this program, I have learned more about myself, opened my mind, and have been challenged but I continue to grow more and more as a person every day. I know my educational values/goals have altered from the start of the program to now-year two of the program. I know it will change again as I graduate from this program. I am continuously reflecting on myself to be better. I know obstacles will come and go but it will be a worthwhile adventure! The adventure begins now!