I recognize and understand the BC Teacher Standards. I would like to say, I follow the BC Teacher Standards in a variety of ways. Some ways I follow the standards is through effective lesson planning, instruction, and assessment throughout my practicums. I care for all students by recognizing their needs and providing strategies for my students to learn the best way possible for themselves. As well, I am continuously opening my mind towards First Nations culture through my peers, First Nation guest speakers, and throughout my UNBC program. I have incorporated First Nations culture into my lessons for example, I planned a lesson for my Kindergarten students where students went on a pattern scavenger hunt outside and collected tree sticks. We took the sticks inside and painted patterns on the sticks.  I incorporated the importance of nature and self by personalizing the lesson so it became meaningful to my students and therefore, combining my lesson with First Nations culture. These are some of the ways I have followed BC Teacher Standards and will be following the standards throughout my educator career.