For assessment class, we as students got to assess our own journal reflections after we were done them. It was interesting because when do you ever get to assess your own learning? I find that I was much harder on myself but that naturally happens with most individuals. It was a great way to learn about assessment by doing it on ourselves. 

For Bonnie’s math class, I created an assessment rubric for my lesson on Marshmallow math. The rubric highlighted key criteria that I showed the students so they knew how to be successful during the lesson. It included participation, math skills, materials, presentation of shapes, and teacher comments/observations during the lesson.

For Gretchen’s assessment class, we did a practice reading assessment with audio. The student read the words and we marked them accordingly. I enjoyed doing this, because it was my first time observing a  reading assessment and learning from it. However, I would not use this assessment because it is not my style but I would use the same idea for reading.