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Fresh Grade with Cliff Waldie

What is Fresh Grade? Cliff Waldie arrived to UNBC to give us Teacher Candidates insight on how Fresh Grade works for teachers.  I learned Fresh grade is an online portfolio that gives permission to comment and interact on student’s school work in any given device. Fresh Grade is a platform utilized mainly for communication.

What can Fresh Grade do for you? I learned it can be used to enhance student assessment and facilitate student/teacher/parent communication. For example,  if a student creates something in class that they want to share, they can share it on the portfolio where the student’s parents can see what they did in school. You can upload videos, PDFs, documents, and much more. Some examples include, notes, awards, evidence of growth, and specific activities.

What resonated with me? I feel like I enjoyed knowing more about Fresh Grade because I honestly did not know much before.  What stood out to me was the idea around Fresh Grade.  I feel students take ownership in their work when they can see the comments and questions on their work. I feel like students get a sense of pride knowing that there work is up on display and that they are very much proud of their work.



  1. bharkin

    I also liked how FreshGrade is a way to create student ownership, and that it’s an easy way to open up communication between students, students’ adults, and teachers. I liked how personal it could be, for both teachers and students. The more personalized students’ work is, the more invested they will be. Do you think you will use FreshGrade in your future class? Or was it just a cool idea?

  2. Jim Ravening

    I agree Gagan, students know that the work they are completing has meaning, and becomes even more personal to them. I worked with a teacher for two years who used Freshgrade regularly, and the students loved seeing pics of the day’s work and videos of their own presentations

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