Carrie arrived to UNBC Senate Chambers to give us a presentation on computational thinking. We started off the class by thinking about what we thought computational thinking was. We learned that computation thinking is a problem-solving process. It helps with logical reasoning, develop algorithms, break down of problems into discrete steps, find patterns and generalize, use abstraction, and involves evaluations. Altogether, it helps recognize the problem and develop solutions for it. It can be as simple as writing a poem, dancing, or even baking a cake.

Something that resonated with me was the video. The video made it easier for me to understand the concept. I am a visual person so it helped me a lot. The video had a father making a peanut butter sandwich from reading his children’s hand-made instructions.  I think the topic can be a bit dry and the video made it more humorous. The video’s purpose was to show how specific things can be.  After multiple attempts, the children figured out how to make the instructions.  Some computational thinking that came from the video was algorithmic thinking- looking at equations , they had to find patterns- looking at what worked and what did not,  and logical reasoning. In the end, the father evaluated the sandwich to see if it met expectations.