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Types of Technology in the classroom with Sandra

Sandra McAullay, a grade 7 teacher at Bulkley Valley paid a visit to UNBC today. She did the honor of teaching us, teacher candidates on the different aspects of technology for learning in the classroom. Ultimately, I learned about the different learning websites there are on the internet. I honestly, did not know many websites until now. The different websites she talked about were pic collage, fresh grade, video logs, and google translate/books. I had the opportunity to play on the iPad on the app- DDM Reading. I thought the app was great for listening and comprehending language arts skills. Likewise, Sandra told us a story about an experience, she had to help a teacher with a student. The story really stood out to me because it really speaks the truth; we must as educators have students learn and access in different ways because every student learns differently. The story was about a student who would not read or write but did not have an individualized education plan. Sandra came up with a plan to use technology to capture that interest of the child. And it worked! the child did his chemistry assignment on the iPad and even helped the student beside him. It just shows that we need to implement different ways for students to show their work and their learning. With technology becoming so advanced, we as educators need to keep up because it indeed is taking over the world!


  1. bharkin

    I loved how she found a way to integrate tech into her classroom. Unfortunately, I don’t necessarily think that it’s feasible for all classrooms unless a teacher found some way to fundraise and acquire the tech. But I totally agree that it’s a great way to reach students who may otherwise be disengaged from the learning process.

  2. Jim Ravening

    I agree Gagan, the world is more technological that ever and we must examine how we can embrace this tech and use it to benefit all!

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