Everyday we learn something new. I had the pleasure to witness Ian Landy’s presentation on portfolios with a spoonful of inspiration attached to it. Ian is a Principal in Powell River and is teaching future educators like me on the world of educational technology. So, you might be wondering what I learned from the presentation? I learned that journals have a significant impact and has been used since the early days. As a child, I would write in my diary simply to let go of my emotions and eventually would dispose of the diaries. Unlike, Ian who discovered two decades ago of his father’s journal. His father highlighted important moments in his journey as an educator. Ian could envision how his father’s struggles, successes, thinking, and perspective as an educator was before he passed away. Likewise, I think it is highly important to keep track somehow, in any style about your journey because one day, the audience meaning your friends and family will look back and envision the person you came to be as an educator. And for me, maybe one day I will look at this eportfolio and reflect on who I was, what changes occurred, and who I am presently.