One of my hobbies includes writing poems on my spare time. I wrote a poem for my inquiry project which included my struggles as a student in my school back in the day. I said the poem aloud to my peers and I had them close their eyes and imagine my struggles as I read the poem. The poem is called Grinch and symbolizies my  secondary math teacher. 


In Bonnie’s math class, I learned how to teach math games to intermediate grades. I came up with a game called can you suspend math? The student’s task for the game was to see if they could balance the metal sticks onto the wooden beam. They had to roll a dice and pick up a card to determine how many sticks they could place on the beam. It was harder then it looked for sure! 


In Bill Hay’s Language and Literacy class, Aleshia and I made a language arts curriculum project on a poster to highlight the different reading for information approaches we would use from reading the book- The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss.


Our Elementary education class took part in an egg drop. We placed ourselves into groups and secured our egg with chosen materials. We tested our eggs in building 10 at UNBC and our egg did not break!! good job team!